adj. Huge Into Birds, referring to a young, hip and amateur yet stealthy ornithologist. Implies a great deal of passion -- more than simply "into" birds and or birding.
I've been H.I.B. positive ever since my old man took me to the aviary every saturday as a kid.
by Gretta Duffy April 23, 2006
Top Definition
A herpes infested bitch... usually very grimey

- synonyms- slut/whore/
" wow, that girl is such a hib!"

" did you hear what the hib did last night?!"
by APH8R January 27, 2010
slang term for automotive HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights.

"I Got HIB Nigga"
by hioffcer January 16, 2009
Hair I Buy
Person1: Ronda has HIB
Person2: Don't you mean HIV?
Person1: No, HIB. Hair i buy.
by lovelikerain August 20, 2011
Another term for HIV.

Used by unintelligent people because they do not know the correct term.
Darnel, did you sleep with that fat cow MooLeesha?

"Hell yeah, she was giving it away. She ain't got no HIB or nothin', so what's the big deal?"
by mike49677 January 14, 2012
Herb, Ice, and Bullet
All that defines a hardcore thug
"Naah playa, i got H.I.B
by Illy September 03, 2004
The smell of your belly button.
My hib smells bad today.
by Sugarlumps. July 21, 2010
this is what you call the nasty line of hairs most women have down their back connecting to ass hairs.
That nasty chick has a nasty hib goin down her crack.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
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