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Abbreviation for "Happily Ever After." It's used primarily in conjuntion with internet discussions of romance novels and movies. Writers of romance often categorize projects they are working on as having a HEA ending or not having one as a quick way to describe part of the sub genre.
"This novel is a great HEA" or "Cinderella ends HEA"
by Vanessa H January 20, 2008
170 79
Cantonese. Wandering around, doing nothing at all. Killing time.
There's still two hours to go before class, let's hea in a cyber cafe.
by Ron November 08, 2003
162 61
Cantonese slang. something in a lazy way. something meaningless to kill time.
1.i very hea to do this assignment, what a shame!
2.i am really bored, let's hea together~
by noo May 13, 2005
63 26
A form of respect and showing royalty when writing about a male.
heas a vey good writer. (pronounciation:he's)
similary ways of respect;Mr.,Mrs.,Ms.,
by regardless devon victory June 02, 2010
6 6