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Used to be a tech term for high-resolution monitors back before HDTV became commonplace. Now, it's just a trendy term that can be applied to anything to increase its desirability.
Apparently Lowe's has a wide selection of 'HD paint.' The term has since lost all merit.
by Red the Ghost August 21, 2010
Nickname for Horny Douche. Usually given to someone who's a bastard and is incredibly stupid. A pervert and only dates to get action. Never MEET one let alone date one.
Girl 1: dude you guys should totally go out
Girl 2: EWWW, He's a HD
Guy 1: No i'm not. *pokes girl 2 in chest*
by bob_or_am_I March 19, 2010
Hairy Dick : Someone who possesses an abnormally hairy dick.
"Wow! He has such a HD!"
Hateezy "Thanks."
by iRapeHDs September 02, 2009
Hidden Desire
A: you know what? B called me yesterday.
C: okay..
A: and then after that B... blah blah blah. and then B suddenly.. then B said..
C: man. do you like have HD for B or sumthin?
by chiiro July 02, 2009
Horny Drunk
HD is the person that said "If you dont shutup i will put a grenade up your vagina"
"Would you rather be an anus or a pubic hair?"
by Hennnnnnnnn January 27, 2009
when everything looks like its in "High Definition" when your really baked!!
when your sitting there getting really high and BAM everythings in HD! lol...
by Fedick Ian Larry Luke March 26, 2008
The perfect view of a really nice ass.
Guy 1: Man, look at that chick's ass. Fucking perfect.
Guy 2: I know bro, I've got HD.
by Jeg Ikke Norsk :( May 14, 2011