Hyper-deformed. The character (usually in anime ) looks normal but has some strange physical qualities.
You call that a drawing? It's totally HD!
by BlackTwilight October 06, 2003
"HD" Stands for Hyperactive disorder. Also used as a verb. To do something with tremendous energy.
The bitch kicker "HDed" his way down the field after the kickoff.

Ex.2 The baseball player "HDed" his way around the bases when he seen his pills sitting on the bench.
Acronym for History Day. Had to say it so many times that it needed to be shortened.
We gotta have an HD meeting, guys, our board sucks.
by Sheepling January 12, 2005
hot dude
omg! HD coming this way!
by lovelysweet May 23, 2004
Stands for "hella dumb"
Person 1: Whats 80+22?
Person: Wow your hd!
by eroonnn July 02, 2006
Short for Hilary Duff on HilaryFan.com
Hilary Duff
by HDR February 03, 2004

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