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"Heritage City Hard Core" The music scene in Maryborough Queensland. Also used on myspace by scene kids to seem cool, You're not.
Julie: Hey! like my new myspace name "Julie Ann since 1991 HCHC"
Mione: You're so scene. And Lame.
#maryborough #scene #hardcore #heritage #city
by Auntyherbs July 02, 2007
Shortened form of Heritage City Hardcore, the name given to the music scene in the Queensland town of Maryborough otherwise know as the "Heritage City". HCHC is now used on Myspace by sad scene and emo kids who want to seem cool despite the fact that the music scene in Maryborough is bullcrap.
Britney: Hannah's new shirt has HCHC written on it! I want it so bad! Im gonna put HCHC in my Myspace name!

Joel: You're Lame!
#heritage #city #hardcore #maryborough #queensland
by Auntyherbs August 05, 2007
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