head bussa: A gang Thats from the 70's in East Oakland, Cali.
Fuck wit us you gon' get yo head bust
by Young C February 08, 2004
This can stand for a number of things, but especially means "horny biatch"
Jay: Emma's always on about sexy lads isn't she?
Jane: Yeah, she's a right HB.
by Crimson_Ninjaaa November 26, 2005
Horny bitch.
OW OW!! You are one HB!
by Carolyn May 08, 2004
Head Busta. G who is not to be fucked with. Tends to get into fights often. Takes no shit.
That an HB G rollin up there, betta be bailin bruh.
by D-stroya November 16, 2005
A huge bitch (i.e sasquatch)
Goddamn thats a HUGE BITCH!!!!
by George Dubya April 23, 2005
A Guy who is totally bitch-whipped.
Man, ever since you got a girlfriend, you've turned HB
by Tim January 26, 2004
HB is the slang word for Honeybrook one of the most dangerous ghettos in the world
The HB is poppin today,Today in the HB there was another shooting
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
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