Happy Beginning
I went for a massage and got a HB (Happy Beginning) instead of a HE (Happy Ending).
by baseballnut July 10, 2013
An abbreviation used for the words "Hunger Bitch." This is the mood (typically expressed by a woman) when she is hungry. Her symptoms may include arguing, unpleasant attitude, complaining and heavy sarcasm.
Suzy is having major HB. You better feed her now.
by fullysarcastic247 December 09, 2010
HB is a sexual act that defies description. It is so heinous that one is completely embarrassed by the mere mention of the act. Some have inferred that the "H" refers to hands, but the jury is still out on this. It is often done by members of the same sex or, in extreme cases, solo.
In order to further his career Marty A. allowed Dick C. to give him an "HB". He was sore for a week and never walked the same afterwards.
by little brown dude May 20, 2011
The effect of an accumulation of being fucked over too many times. It is when one cannot handle the bullshit of guys anymore, so they take matters into their own hands. It is when one fucks over, rather then becomes fucked over. It is when one does not have feelings nor give a shit about others. It is when one is a heartless bitch.
Friend: Who's your valentine?
Girl: I have like 7.
Friend: Damn, why are you so Hb?
Girl: Because these niggas taught me how.
by I'm the queen, bitch. February 12, 2011
Hormonal Boy, can also be HG which stands for Hormonal girl
omg he's such a HB.
Do you think he's a HB?
by theaveragejoe32 December 09, 2010
Huntington Beach, a city in Orange County, in southern California.
Laguna beach is nice, but I prefer HB.
by Tiffany21 April 30, 2006
Huntin' Buddy: A nickname for hunting buddies to call each other. It's quite common to have several HB's.
Hey HB, don't forget to bring plenty of beer to the deer lease this weekend.
by HB #1 July 22, 2010

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