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1. the only source of truth tucked among mendatious media conglomerates.
2.a radio station that gives republicans nightmares, hopefully.
3. station containing journalists who know their shit and also have delicately cadenced voices
"wanna watch some cnn? i haven't been lied to enough today."
"nah. got a hot date with npr."
by carolyn July 15, 2003
a short fat penis
by carolyn January 03, 2003
extremely awesome and cool beyond belief.
Carolyn and Gaby are so gnar that Elisa could purposely stop stuttering.
by carolyn March 25, 2005
someone who is cool but has sudden outbursts of weirdness.
"andie is sucha dorkous" -Carrie
by carolyn September 28, 2004
This word is ofen used by rednecks and hicks. It's a word of encouragement to finish a task. Usually the task to talk to a girl that he just met and later fuck a girl without askin her out or anything.
One of his fellow guy friends would ask, "Can u git 'er don?"
by Carolyn November 25, 2004
Too horny to handle.
You are THTH!
by Carolyn May 08, 2004
An expletive that arised after the North American release of World of Warcraft to describe the gaming company's actions or negative things that occur in game.
"That blizzarding ninja-looter!"
"OMBG-Oh my blizzarding god!"
"B' that"
by Carolyn March 06, 2005

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