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A dancing statue-thing that comes with your house in Animal Crossing. It looks sort of like a cross between a cactus and a fire-hydrant. They can come in different variations and be put in your house. They can also make really annoying/really cool noises if you turn them on.
Jake, why do you feel the need to put all of your annoying Gyroids in one room and turn them on all at once?
by Amelia Q November 14, 2004
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A beautiful mathematical surface which divides all of 3-space into two disjoint, interpenetrating, chiral regions. It is a triply periodic minimal surface.
The complement of the gyroid is a beautiful structure with many Y-shaped junctions.
by Ratushebarl March 13, 2009
gyrating thyroids that produce too much hormones.
Bob Barker's gyroids were glistening in the sun.
by benear samuri February 17, 2008

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