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Guy with a miniature penis. Came to be used in the early 80s.
That guy I dated last year was such a Gwamp!
by dixiegoth February 16, 2008
A term used to describe the sound of a woman blowing a man's penis.
"Gwamp Me"
by B.T.D. December 02, 2010
Also known as Gorp, a gwamp is and underwater fart, but with a touch of actual shit. This would be better defined as an underwater shart.
Le Fawnduh: "Damn Homie, dis biotch just did a gwamp in da pool!
by Jarrood March 01, 2005
Gwamp; the action of placing ones hand in a "cup" shaped position against ones own butt crack and farting in ones hand, then immediately grasping her hand shut to capture the stench and "throwing" the dart cloud into your friends face causing them to directly inhale your fart. Also known as "cuffing" or "farty mcfly's or johny cage gwamp balls.
Ex: you got gwamped bra
by Gwampness monster July 18, 2014
when someone doesn't get something to do with technology or electronic devices.
"my aunts such a gwamp, she doesn't know how to send an email !"
"I know I'm being a gwamp, but how do you save this piece of work?"
by wo.w July 08, 2014

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