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Ridding bikes through random gaps anywhere in a large city. Many drink Go Ape Energy while gapping.
Aaron: Hey, do you want to go gapping after school?
Alex: Dude thats sweet,i will go buy some Go Ape
by grillzchad February 22, 2011
when a women with a realy tight vigina has sex with eather a large dildo or with a man with a large penis and after the first layer of lips on the vigina start to close and you still see a gap in between the lips is called gapping
after ashleigh masterbated with a bowling pin she was gapping for three days
by tuckster22 September 07, 2010
A technique used in freeway driving at speeds upwards of 100mph. Judging and successfully jumping in and out of the gaps in traffic as they open and close, so that one may continue to accelerate or to travel at a very high rate of speed.
"Dude, Dani was in her Mercedes and Brian was in his Accord, but Brian smoked her ass because his gapping skills are better."
by Brian Wright January 14, 2008
A term used to describe the phenomena that occurs when one's zipper is down, thus revealing one's penis.
Oh my god, do you realize that you were gapping in front of the entire audience? You almost gave an elderly woman a black eye with that mushroom sprout of yours!
by WT-Dimanche January 24, 2010
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