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Pot Liquor, Shine, Moonshine, Hooch, Bootleg whiskey, Likker, alky, booze, Juice, Sauce, Eth, Ocean, XXX, stillwater, hard stuff, fire water, canned heat, White Jesus, spirits, smoke, red-eye, brew, slug, libation, shot, nipples, etc......
Dude, I gotta get off the gutrot before I shit my liver.
by Jaggo March 23, 2004
A particularily painful sharp, gastrous pain, caused by a night of heavy alcohol consumption, usually following the morning after consumption occurs.
*flatulant sounds* "Aw man, I have gut rot from the 03 we had last night!"
by Ricebabe January 15, 2004
When your insides feel like they just barfed on themselves.
"Hey I feel like I have to take a big dump, but I can't, so I must have gut rot."
by Wessie Jittaker July 02, 2007
Extreme intestinal disturbance associated with food-borne pathogens. Food poisoning not serious enough to require hospital treatment, but causing regular and horrific bouts of galloping diarrhea.
"Hi, this is Ben Hawley. Um, I won't be coming in today 'cause I've got the gutrot. So I'll... oh no..."
by shoggoth August 10, 2003
An alcoholic drink with a horrible taste and a tendency to make your stomach feel as if the lining has come off.
Dave : Hey Joe! Whats that your Drinking?
Joe : My favourite Super Strength Lager
Dave : Are you kidding man, that stuffs bloody gutrot
by infusion April 06, 2008
An extreme feeling of sickness in one's digestive track that almost always results in a very severe and excrutiating case of explosive diarhea.
Eating at Coney Island and Shitney almost always gives me gut-rot.
by Erin August 14, 2003
verb: to gutrot.

To level up from 1-60 in World of Warcraft, without any gear or armor.
"I gutrotted to 60 in 12 days played time".
"Go gutrot you epic noob"
"You're a noob, until you've gutrotted"
by Jelle March 04, 2007