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verb: to have something explained or your actions corrected by someone who has far more knowledge on a subject then you.
highschoolers working out: "i think we need more weight"

80 year old buff man: "no, you are just doing it wrong! do it like this!" and walks away

highschoolers: "shit man... we just got guru'ed"
by theSwanmaster December 23, 2010
v. - to be superseded in skill or savvy by one qualified to be a guru.
<n00b> peesh, you can't get someone's ip address over irc!
<guru> oh yeah?
<n00b> omgwtfbbq, my cd-rom is opening and closing!
<n00b> it's like its possessed!
<guru> nope, you just got guru'ed >8^)
<n00b> ...i'm a sad panda...

<guy-uno> i just spent two hours writing a post about how those damn linux programmers need to get something together to screw-over micro$oft.
<guy-dos> really? there's already a reply. and he really blew you out of the water, if i do say so myself.
<guy-uno> no way. who was it?
<guy-dos> lemme check.
<guy-dos> ...holy shit.
<guy-uno> what?
<guy-dos> go look.
<guy-uno> sweet! i just got guru'ed by linus torvalds!!

See Also: Owned, pwn3d, and schooled.
by Vorondil December 12, 2004