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noun. Slang term for a female genitalia. (origin Italian peeshadil = vagina)
Yo, bust up on that peesh. (Have sex with that girl)
by Lilpapadoc March 15, 2007
Said as a farewell; derived from the word peace; usually uttered in a loud and abnormally deep voice
"Goodbye, see ya later"

by dZla February 17, 2012
Peesh is a word for somebody who is obsessed with a single celebrity.
When Jade Goody was a little kid, she was really peesh.

Mary Cate and Ashley are still really peesh.
by Marllie March 01, 2014
1. Verb. peeing and shitting combined into a simultaneous action

See also: peeshing, peeshed

2. Noun: what you call it when a woman sits to pee and accidentally ends up shitting also
Sorry I took so long in there. Didn't know I had to peesh.
by theadamberbs April 29, 2011
Male genitalia. Penis
Adam sticks his peesh in Ashly's hooha on a regular basis.
by A. Harmon August 01, 2005
to say good bye or see you later
peeshes hun, see you tomorrow
by MiniClozapineLove August 10, 2011
noun. Slang term for a female genitalia. (originated with polish displaced people (DPs) from concentration camps who moved to Chicago. pochwa = vagina)
My peesh really hurts from the yeast infection.
by BiPagan January 07, 2010