Noun: Nickname relating to alter-ego of those seriously detrimentally affected by alcohol due to rapid imbibing. Key indicators include vertical swaying (aka loss of balance, bumbling into everything/everyone), limited eyelid function, dazed smiling and the continual 'thumbs-up'.

Verb; To Günter: To rapidly, and often subtley, imbibe signficant quantities of alcohol and subsquently display the characteristics described above.
"Did you notice Günter was out last night?"
'Yeah, he drank twice as much as everyone else then bumbled round the club all night, not fully opening his eyes. He seemed happy though...'

"That guy was completely Güntered last night, he fell asleep in the cupboard with a pizza on his lap"
by definitionLAD October 02, 2012
Gunter: To be a Munter with a Gunt.

See Munter: Most often used to describe an incredibly unattractive female who you wouldn't touch with a shitty stick.

See Gunt: the joining of a gut and cunt: usually found in women who are carrying their stomachs in their jeans or pants
Look at those Munters with their Gunts out...Gunter(s)!
by Bintor May 27, 2011
Front bum can refer to a pussy, or a big, nasty fat person's lap that looks like they have a butt upfront.
Joey kicked Janet in her gunter!
by John Haigh January 19, 2006
A Gunter is a guy who only hunts women with Gunts (Bulging area found on large women between the waist and the genital area. Not quite a gut, not quite a cunt... The Gunt)
My best buddy is a Gunter! He always seems to pick up chicks that have gunts!
by Billy Dunk Camel Spunk October 19, 2014
A tool who wears double socks and has no friends. They often have the physique of a 10 year old girl, and are made fun of by their peers. They are generally very weak, and should be used as slaves by the rest of the world. Very easy to make fun of, and generally an idiot, loser.
"That weird kids a Gunter..."
by abcmoney12 August 24, 2011
an adjective or adverb that means good or well
this gooey apple pie is gunter
by j to the rab October 25, 2006
a very cut guy that something is a ass hole likes messing with u because u take it serious and is very easy to forgive something is a big jerk that likes ur best friend country
gunter; I big jerk at times
by huntinggirl42 November 21, 2014

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