One of the best fucking Rock bands, like ever. Axl and Slash both rock harder than most people. Slash is a legend he inspired me to play guitar. Sweet Child O Mine is the best song in the world.
Guns N Roses are the best band of the 80s. they do good to the age of bad hair.
by RockFaerie June 25, 2006
Guns N Roses is a band. This band consists of 8 musicians (in order of importance): Axl Rose (vocals), Slash (guitar), Duff McKagan (bass), Izzy Stradlin (guitar), Steven Adler (drums), Matt Sorum (drums after Adler left), Dizzy Reed (piano), and Gilby Clark (guitar after Stradlin left). Throughtout the 80s and 90s, they were the greatest band ever. They were ugly, raucous, dirty, sleazy, and intimidating. THey were glam with an ugly side, the bad boys of rock and roll. But those guys can write.
From down your throat anthems such as "Welcome to the Jungle", "Civil War", "Paradise City", "It's So Easy", and "Get in the Ring", to deep well written masterpieces such as "Locomotive", "Estranged", "One in a Million", and "Don't Damn Me", to softer, beautiful ballads that were "Patience", "Knockin on Heaven's Door", and the perfect "November Rain", Guns N Roses have earned the respect from millions and millions of people world wide.
If a person who listens to such garbage as Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, or the All American Rejects had "Sweet Child o' Mine" blast into their easr drums, they would burn all their douche rock and buy a copy of Appetite for Destruction immediately.
1. If aliens came down to Earth and requested from me an example of Earth music, I would hand them Appetite for Destruction, by Guns N Roses.

2. Since the Guns N Roses of today don't live up to their rockin prime, Velvet Revolver is a decent substitute.
by Alec Fetner February 03, 2007
Survivors of the LA circuit formed from remnants of Hollywood rose and LA Guns (See where the name came from now?). Put out a few excellent and generally well-recieved studio albums between 1987 and 1993 ( I could be wrong on that one). Unlike most bands, they never hit a low, because they broke up a few years after they made it big. One of the few bands that never sucked.
Despite what axl may say chinese democracy is NOT GNR. Therefore, they never sucked. They broke up before they could suck.
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
The worst most overrated band ever.

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Van Halen with Roth were in the 80's as were The Cars and Ozzy with Randy Rhoads and Metallica so fuck all you gay little faggots who thing gnr was the best band of the 80's.
GNR is the most overrated thing I've ever heard of.They're shit,like Motley Crue and Cinderella and Poison.

Now fuck off you dumb cunts.
by Mogar the magnificent. May 18, 2005
A sad,pathetic,homosexual excuse for music.
guns n roses are loved by stupid queers everywhere who "want their mtv"
by fuck mtv February 19, 2005
lame shitty 80's hair metal band
really big among teenyboppers
by mtv destroys braincells January 25, 2005
I'm fed up of all this "oh, greatest band EVER" shit. It's been said so many times, and that is NOT a definition. If you like them that much, go join their fan club or create a shrine in your bedroom or whatever.
I'm sure you're all licking the arses of Nirvana and Metallica in other definitions you've made as well...

OK, they're a decent band, with a few good songs, but totally overrated! There are so many more talented people out there who don't feel the need to be drug addicts to appeal to millions of fuckwits all around the world who think that somehow that liking Guns n Roses makes them connoisseurs of music.

Anyone I see wearing Guns n Roses or Nirvana t-shirts are immediately labelled as "posers". Because if they were real fans, they wouldn't feel the need to prove they like the band with shitty overpriced merchandise.
Do I really need an example?

Fuckwit: Hey, look at my new Guns n Roses hoodie! Now people might finally think I'm not a loser because I seem to be interested in "real music"!

Sensible person: Real music? Who says what music is real and what music isn't? Get off your high horse and just listen to what music you want to listen to, rather than what you feel you *have* to listen to, because it's what everyone else considers "cool". Retard...
by i_dont_subscribe August 20, 2007

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