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the act of two or more persons participating in a sexual act, involving a random bodily organs corpse. one person jumps on the flat corpse, whilst the other(s) subject themselves to the genital region of the corpse, whilst the bodily organs & fluids & blood splatter into their face.
a friend and I experienced a gumping session with a dear old relative
by bill boob August 12, 2006
Inserting one's self into footage or frames from a film.
Holding hands with Edward Norton at the end of fight club or gumping yourself to be pulling the blaster on both Greedo AND Han
by office zomboy June 26, 2010
The act of two men bumping or rubbing their exposed or bare gut and or belly.
Guy and Jeromy were caught gumping in the closet after their seven minutes of heaven had long expired.
by Leche Mas May 12, 2011
Solitary past-time or activity of walking/jogging aimlessly in pursuit of one's destiny or future.
I don't feel like getting drunk again, I'm going gumping instead.
by 3mothers February 03, 2010
The action of running/jogging while (a.) not wearing proper running gear (e.g. Forrest Gump) and (b.) displaying poor running form and/or athleticism
Trying to avoid the sudden hailstorm, Chris resorted to gumping to the nearest shelter.
by FalconEye September 13, 2011
Somthing that is disgusting or smelly. Generally foul. Someone who is very ugly. Someone who is obese.
Can be used as adjective or noun.
Has different meaning in different contexts
-That man is gumping. (Note: he could be smelly or ugly)
-That sewage leak is gumping.
-Did you see that fat woman on television? Yeah, she was gumping
by WelshMaster101 March 29, 2011
Feigning retardism with the purpose in mind to seduce a "special girl"
Anyone Fancy a trip to St Johns for a spot of Gumping?
by stringzzz May 16, 2008

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