A candy popular amongst all ages. Some are covered in chocolate or sour coatings. There has also been a craze about gummy bears lately among preteens and teenagers.
I went to the theater and had the most amazing chocolate covered gummy bears. Yum.
by I8MyCuppycakes February 16, 2011
Words to describe a turbulent flight (which was bouncing here & there & everywhere)
I spilled my drink all over me when the flight got all goddamn gummy bears.
Holy shit that flight was gummy bears. I thought we were gonna die!
by bizzaro14 June 28, 2010
a big burly gay man with no teeth ready to give a blow job.
man, its hard to find a good gummy bear in this town.
by saigo yami March 01, 2014
The act of an old person taking out his/her dentures, and chewing on someone's arm and/or hand, the gums giving a squishy feeling on the victim' arm or hand is what gives it the name "gummy bears".
Jimmy: Dude, you look like you've been traumatized. What happened to you?
Erik: My grandfather gave me gummy bears when I told him that I didn't want him to keep buying me books and prune juice as christmas presents.
by I Hate Making Pseudonyms May 28, 2012
A mouth full of gums usaully brought on by tooth decay as a result of the habitual smoking of meth. Girls with gummy bears tend to give the highest quality of head.
I love that meth look. Im all about gummy bears and exposed ribs.
by Roverticus August 15, 2010
a large snot that's eaten.
The entire class seen the boy picking his nose and eating the gummybears he found inside.
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
A slang term for when you're earning your red wings, and you come across a big juicy blood clot.
Mmmmm, this pussy is so good. The cinnamon copper flavored gummy bears are so deliciously chewy.
by Princess Amira July 14, 2015

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