A womans breast; that are exceptional in size and visually appealing.
"Dude, check out those gummybears."
by debaser07 November 04, 2007
squishy little creatures that live in the land of Alps. Best flavor is pudi.The most unique undescribable flavor yet. Can only be caught my majestic tongues.
While on his sweet journey he brought back some soveniors of rainbow gummy bears.
by alfalfajuice March 24, 2009
Receiving fellatio from an elderly woman with no teeth.
Todd got a job at the nursing home so he could get a few gummy bears from the residents.
by ToddGeoff May 21, 2008
A gummy bear is one who hasn't wiped up after whacking it or getting some sweet bear booty.
Smokey was a very gummy bear after three hours of flogging the dolphin while watching internet porn.
by scodder April 25, 2010
a girl with big boobs and big butt and is slightly overweight but makes it look cute and is quite short, the usual cut off is 5ft 2 but some will consider someone below 5ft 4 a gummy bear as well.
aww ur girlfriend is such a gummy bear!
shes so short but damn those tits are big

yeah isnt she a cutie and i know right im so lucky
by thefailwhale June 17, 2010
A young, cute, hyper active girl who has a bubbly personality and has many random bouts of extreme hyperness. Gummy bear's are extremely random and can be very dangerous when angered.
by AramisScarred April 09, 2010
Word used to describe someone who has all gums when they smile or laugh.
Carol's a gummy bear.
by Ghorn February 20, 2010

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