something you name your boyfriend who's chubby but still your teddy bear.
man, my man ricardo is my gummy bear.
by Queen B 6 July 10, 2006
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A sexy female who is very popular and jovial. One who makes you laugh and giggle and sing. A super awesome person who i would die for. But has bad taste in friends.
That person is so nice. She is a Gummybear
by a_lover_in_disguise_hai_b_L October 24, 2009
The gummy bear is commonly found in brightly coloured plastic bags and while often hunted to the brink of extinction, their intricate mating rituals have never failed to restore their numbers.

In an unnatural habitat, the wild gummy bear submerges itself in nearby glasses and can take up almost four times its own weight in water. This process, while increasing the size of the bear by the same figures, sadly renders it inedible.
"Look at the size of that yellow one! It must have spent the last two days in that lake!" - Steve Irwin on gummy bears.
by urglegurgle November 30, 2009
The most annoying thing to appear on Jamster since Crazy Frog.
Anyone who likes the gummy bear song should go home and put a gun in their mouth.
by albundy November 25, 2009
A chewy, delicious phenomenon that makes your heart and belly smile no matter what mood you are in.

Best eaten head first!

The tasty love of your life.
GREEN is yummiest of them all!

Oh, I'm a Gummybear!
Yes I'm a Gummybear!
Oh, I'm a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky, Gummybear!
I am a jelly bear, 'cause I'm a Gummybear!
Oh I'm a movin', groovin', jammin', singin' Gummybear!
I'm going to chew your little Gummybear head off!

Gummybear shrieks*

by Wifeybearxo March 03, 2011
A very overweight chubby female, whom has the following characteristics: a short stature, large bubbly boobs, and a huge hanging jiggly ass.
That chick must be a gummy bear because I saw her boobs and ass vibrate as she stood still!
by MR.APCLASSOF2011 April 23, 2009
A euphimism used in the description of cunnilingus used when trying not to gross out your associates when telling them illicit stories.
Dude, I love giving girls gummy bears!
by sage_4 March 16, 2006
Gummy Bears are the root of all evil. They have slowly succeeded in their attempts to take over the goverment as they have made school hours longer and made education compulsory till age 18. Virtually indestructable, Gummy Bears will rule the world.
Biting off heads, running over with cars and jamming them in draws do not work. Gummy Bears can break freezers too!
by Steph&Chels August 29, 2008

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