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the act of receiving a blowjob from a toothless woman or man
"that old bitch next door just offered me a gummy!"
by BigA March 03, 2003
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Its when u take a little blow and put it between your lip and gums to make your mouth numb. you can also stick the empty bag in your mouth and get a real good gummy.
Hey brah can i get a gummy???
by USMC KILLA January 16, 2009
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When a older female has no teeth and gives someone a blowjob.
Your grandma gave me that goooooddd Gummy last night
by REM440510 October 25, 2010
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When a girl/boy shows more gum than teeth when they smile.
"Ew, that girl is so gummy.."
by Rach9573 February 10, 2010
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The mellow and euphoric happening when highly influenced by a substance, preferably marijuana. Usual signs are looking into space, saying stupid nonsense repeatedly and/or staying a singular spot for a prolonged amount of time. Similar to that of Zoning.
As in "stoopid high", "blown", "buttah'd", "high as a kite" or my personal favorite "Apollo 13 high"... yea that nigga's "Gummy"
by @Jay_Boogaloo July 28, 2011
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An alcoholic drink very common in Brazilian young people parties. A mixture of vodka and a soft drink such as Tang and water or fruit juices.
In many brazilian parties you pay an admission fee and can drink beer and gummy as you wish.
by jaybona October 28, 2009
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1. If a person smiles and their gum to tooth ratio is more gummy then teeth, they are very "gummy".

2. When your fucking a situation up with a girl or in a video game or anything in general this term can be said.
Were watching a intense movie on the laptop, but ben sat on the power cord and it came out of the wall...hes very gummy.

This girl looks really hot but her smile is just wayyy too gummy
by ShaneB July 15, 2010
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