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To be hard, not to be fucked with, fresh, and get mad biddies
"damn that nigga davie z is one gully dude"
by Briannnnn0234 February 25, 2008
245 202
A word adopted by skankandbass to describe the outrageousness of a heavy drum and bass track and various favourable circumstances.
Person 1: "Mate, listen to this drop on Icicle - Dreadnaught"
Person 2: "That is gully"

Person 1: "Man did you see that naked skydiver's flaps wobble in the wind? Check this..."
Person 2: "Gully"
by skankandbass December 17, 2010
106 89
Anyone like Lloyd. to be gangsta, real, the shit
"damn mr lloyd is one gully motherfucker"
by BRANDONisscared of physics February 25, 2010
30 28
to menn ur sick or cool or the gansgta
do u think ur gully wen ur dancin?
by tilly2k8 September 25, 2008
13 16
A Gully is a name for a little sister. She is a gangster child and is very cool.
Aw shes such a gully
by Chloe calow April 29, 2013
8 12
Reckless to a dangerous extent
bell belichick mad gully though; going for 4th and 2 ont he 28
by shcultz November 18, 2009
16 21
Australian meaning, dero or poor ,rough or rugged looking,comes from a low socioeconomic background
that guy is so gully he has a flannelet shirt on with thongs
by boosdy May 30, 2011
8 14