A whoreish chick that plays the guitar on her vagina when fucked. Should also be called GH for short.
I banged Guitar Hero last night. GH is a freak!

Guitar Hero sucks at playing her own guitar! She got boo'd off the stage when I was fucking her.

While I was trying fuck Guitar Hero, she started playing Stairway to Heaven on her pussy.
by downtown dweller mofo September 21, 2010
a reason for nerds to act like rockstars .
blavin clavin e got to play me rockstar vitia game . horay guitar hero
by GM123 January 16, 2009
A console game in which you play a toy guitar with colored fret buttons and a strum bar. You attempt hitting upcoming notes on the screen.
Henry, aren't you getting a little obsessed with that guitar hero game? You beat Through the Fire and the Flames on hard with 83% notes hit.

In your face Jake! I fried that part in Guitar Hero.
by Adam Fadida January 10, 2008
A guitar simulation music video game for the PlayStation 2. Guitar Hero is bashed by real guitarists for...some reason.
Guitarist: OMG y dun u play real guitar insted of dat stoopid guitar hero gaem?

Gamer: I don't know. I like the game.

Guitarist: Loser.
by Not CJayC February 17, 2007
A video game on the Playstation 2 and the lazy man's alternative to actually playing the guitar because they are either too lazy, impatient, or simply lack the talent.
GH loving moron: "Man, I can play Rush's YYZ so good now on Guitar Hero!"

Me: "Learn to play the song on an actual guitar you fucking idiot. Then I'll be impressed."
by qAaRoN April 24, 2007
1. for those who have no real musical talent 2. get a life you loser
i played guitar hero today and bragged about it to my friends....they all left me...
by b2_spirit3 July 16, 2010
now apparently people think real guitarists talk like a stereotypical 1337 nerd. see other definitions for examples. and then these fags try to stick up for guitar queeros by pretending that they are humble people who say nothing about this bullshit. and guitarists are scarily hostile violent people who bash guitar queeros for no reason.
see below definitions of guitar hero
by bitterpill1 (jpka159) May 31, 2009

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