when a man inserts the end of a guitar inside a woman for sexual pleasure, for true heroics someone can play the guitar while it is inside the woman although some experts claim that this is impossible.
positions include the Hendrix and the cryin' maiden.
"i guitar heroed my ho last night"
by jesus 09 August 25, 2008
the only video game that chicks don't find absolutely repulsive.. used frequently at parties, and our hi-school hosts yearly competitions between classes. also, real guitarists often bash this game. but after all, that's what it is, a game.
dude-1... i was playing guitar hero, and i finally broke 450,000 points in beast and the harlot!!!
dude-2... whatever... your a fag... you should play real guitar...
dude-1... nahh, its cool.. i can play the drums!!!
by rumple d. crumplecrunk July 31, 2008
George Andrikokus from the band Misguided Youth!! www.misguidedyouth.com!!
You aren't cool enough to be a guitar hero!!
by misguided youth January 01, 2007
A cover up word for saying smoke weed. started in Nor Cal
Lets play guitar hero!

Yeah... i love getting high
by Mothafuckingjoe September 05, 2009
1. DDR for guitarist wannabes
2. The easiest game for a real guitarist
Player 1: "Man, you're good at Guitar Hero."
Player 2: "I play guitar. You're fucked."
by Jimmy Eat My World November 12, 2007
A term used lightly for someone who is neither a hero, nor plays the guitar well at all.
Guy1: "Hey, lets play Guitar Hero, and be Guitar Heroes"

Guy2: "Fffffffuck no!"
by Chris2112 November 06, 2007
1. A game that bad guitarists get good at to feel like they have achieved something in the world of guitar, (normally posted on video hosting websites by annoying little kids).

2. A popular past time for real guitarists who feel like trying something different.

Real guitarist#1: Hey John did you nail "through the fire and flames" last night!?

Real guitarist#2: yeah, ive been working on that solo for so long.

Guitar hero kid: HEY!!!, i got 754000 on that with guitar hero!!

Real guitarist#1: oh Jesus, not another one...

Real guitarist#2: Yeah, what a douchebag.
by dave3190 July 10, 2008

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