A fucking video game designed to look like the player is performing a live concert on stage (even though there is only 6 arenas or so)
Anyways, the game is wildly played at parties by some jerkoff tweens, and it is the same thing as that dance revolution game, its a slap in the face to many artists and it is insulting for real rockers, the game is so mainstream you will find it on billboards, websites, radio sations, every company is chipping in, tv, commercials it makes rock look like a fucking manufactured product, and of course-untill now-they are shoving dollar bills up every bands asses so they can sell out(which they do eventually) you like this game whatever, I don't fucking dig commercial rock, its shit it deletes its message. shit even the dead kennedys caved in and sold out, who can blame them for it, fucking lawyers made these guys assraping eachother at every sight, until they fucking rebanded to this plastic commercial shit, at least we still got jello..
Guitar Hero produces stupid mainstreamers and releases a new generation of fake ass artificial phonies, guitar hero is killing true rockers and making them just another toy of corporation greed.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 30, 2008
A very fun game that simulates the actions of playing a guitar, meaning that any schmuck can feel like a rock star. However, contrary to popular (idiotic) belief, this does NOT make you able to play real guitar. That takes lots of time and hard work. Those who calim to be guitarists de to their Guitar Hero skills should be snubbed and mad fun of.
Guy #1: "Man, I totally nailed Free Bird on expert. Thanks to Guitar Hero, I'm better than Hendrix!"

Guy #2: "Yeah, and masturbating all the time makes you better than Ron Jeremy. Get real!"
by Random Guitarist August 16, 2007
A video game, somewhat of a guitar simulation. Players use a controller shaped like a guitar, though only 3/4 the size, and 1/4 the weight. There are 5 "fret buttons", and a "strum bar." The game is played by holding down corresponding fret buttons and then "strumming" the notes as they scroll by on the TV screen. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are also possible. The songlists usually consist of popular classic rock songs like Ziggy Stardust and Killer Queen, or 80s hard rock/metal like Sweet Child O' Mine and Madhouse, though occasionally you'll find some modern stuff like Laid To Rest (Lamb of God) and Beast and the Harlot (Avenged Sevenfold)

While it's a great game, many elitist real guitar players see it as a lazy man's alternative to the real guitar, often expressing their dislike for the game and saying at the end "go get a REAL guitar!1!" The thing is, IT'S JUST A VIDEO GAME. I'm pretty sure neither of us has ever seen a person who, after 5-starring a song on Expert, truly believes he can play it on a real guitar.

And either way, what's wrong with enjoying it? I have the game, both GH1 and GH2, AND I have a real guitar. I practice it every day. Why should I not be able to enjoy the GAME? It's just a hobby. Who says that, by playing a video game about playing a musical instrument, that means you HAVE to go play the REAL thing? Face it, some people just want to have fun, not feel obligated to spend thousands of dollars and years of their life in practice and devotion. The two are completely different.

You might as well say "why play NFL Madden when you can play football for REAL?? Why play Flight Simulator when you can fly a REAL plane?? Why play Halo when you can shoot down aliens for REAL??" Notice how the last one makes very little sense? It's the same with Guitar Hero.

If you honestly hate the fact that people can attract audiences with this game, then why don't YOU play YOUR real guitar? And if you do, why waste your time coming up to people who play this game? you focus on your stuff, and they focus on theirs.
Guitar Hero Hater: Man Guitar Hero sucks! Who wants to play with a stupid plastic toy guitar when you can play a REAL guitar?!? All you n00bs are gay!

Guitar Hero Player: Yea, ok... what if I told you I just want to have fun? I don't think I can play the real guitar, but I truly have no interest in it. Is that such a bad thing?

Guitar Hero Hater: Pff you're such a fag. Guitar Hero shouldn't even exist. Only REAL guitar players should get any recognition!

Guitar Hero Player: Oh really? And what about you? Do YOU play real guitar? I want to see your "skills"

Guitar Hero Hater: Uhh.. fuck off, man. I got a Gibson Les Paul. I can play.. uhh... Seven Nation Army. Yea, there you go. I'm better than you.

*at this point, the guitar hero hater has fallen to the floor with a bullet in his head*
by Someone who likes metal June 24, 2007
The most utterly absurd, profoundly lame and spectacularly inaccurate emulation of a real world activity, ever.
Steve: "Hey, I feel like a total fraud playing this Guitar Hero game."

Joe: "You are."

Steve: "It's fun though."

Joe: "Well, lots of things are fun, and most of them don't make you look like a complete fuckwit."

Steve: "Hahaha. Good call."
by John "The Axe Man" Doe March 12, 2008
A game that once mastered, makes up for losing all your friends.
Joe: "Damn man, I've been playing Guitar Hero for 3 months straight! I finally beat all the songs on Expert Mode"
Frank: "Who're you, again?"
Joe: "Um... Joe.. Your best friend..?"
Frank: "Oh, that's right.. you played Guitar Hero instead of hanging with me! I remember. Haven't seen you in months. Yeah, I hate you."
Joe: "It's alright, man. I now have the coolest looking guitar in the game. That totally makes up for not having any friends."
Frank: "Fuck off."
by Zakul December 07, 2007
A popular game for the Playstation 2, the core of the game revolves around timing and rhythym, similar to other such games like Dance Dance Revolution. Achieved popularity due to innovative controller (which is shaped like a Gibson SG) and well recieved reviews from numerous gaming publications. As a simulation, it more accurately simulates being a famous guitar player (rising the ranks from unknown basement shredder to international phenomenon) than actually playing a real guitar. Although the game does include the ability to use hammer-ons and pull-offs, the game utilizes 5 buttons and a strum bar in place of strings on the guitar controller, so more complicated maneuvers are impossible. This has caused a bit of controversy among real guitarists towards people who often play this game, citing that it is nothing like playing a real guitar.
I'm so sick and tired of being bored,
Had it up to here with being ignored.
The kids that walk by in their tired haze,
Lookin' for a place just to have their say:
Gonna be a guitar hero!
We finally got our way!
Gonna be a guitar hero!
Gotta get on stage today!
by the7thnobody July 24, 2006
It's a game with a toy, plastic guitar that has a few brightly colored buttons on the toy fretboard. If someone just wants to play Guitar Hero for the fun of it sometimes, then that's fine. But if a person is playing it all the time, they should devote themselves to a more meaningful activity...like learning to play a real guitar. Playing a real instrument is a lifelong skill and asset. Playing Guitar Hero too much is just a waste of time, because sooner or later it will become dated and uncool.
Person 1: Dude, I am so good at Guitar Hero.

Person 2: I play a real electric guitar. I suggest you try it. You can buy a starter pack with everything you need for about $100 and teach yourself. It's actually worth while.

Person 2: Good idea!

Person 3: I play Guitar Hero sometimes, but not too much. And I don't have the time to learn a real instrument.

Person 1: Okay, enjoy Guitar Hero then.
by Real Guitarist and Bassist March 15, 2008
A game series on ps2, xbox, and other marketing scheme video game consoles.

In this game, you have to play great guitar songs, covered by the game company, which completely butchers it.

A game for tambourine playing bitches, nerds, and 8 year olds, to make them feel better about themselves, although they do not know what music is.
Ex 1:

(Nerd goes to a local guitar center)

Nerd: Can I see that guitar right there??

Guitar Center Employee: The bass??

Nerd: No, the guitar.

Guitar Center Employee: I see you love Guitar hero, huh?

Ex 2:

(Nerd goes to a local guitar center)

Nerd: Can I see that guitar right there??

(Guitar Center Employee hands the nerd the guitar)

Nerd: ... Wheres the buttons??

(Guitar Center Employee shoots the Nerd)
by voorheez January 12, 2008

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