when a male inserts his penis into a womans anal crevice, then pulls out for a second while his friend that was hiding goes back in. quickly the man sneaks away then waves at the woman from outside (through a window). easily one of the hardest to master, but well worth it tricks in the book.
Lafwiquaonda: (damn lafonda tyrone, Kenny pulled the guess who on me and i shat all over his friends dick!"
by Gilby GG June 04, 2006
Top Definition
Guess Who is one of the original Olympic sports, consisting of 4-8 players (no more or less than one female). Sadly, Guess Who was eliminated from the Olympics in 1976 due to 95% of the athletes using performance enhancing drugs (Professional and Intramural leagues are still available in most areas). All of the male players must circle around the female player; the female has a funnel (preferably a large one) inserted into her vagina. At this point the jerk-fest begins! Each, individual player must ejaculate into the funnel. It is key that you all the semen drains into the females vagina to ensure ultimate fairness. At this point the game goes on hold for roughly nine months (Possibly less if the bitch is on meth). When the female goes into labor and eventually has the baby, all the participating guys must examine the baby and guess who fathered the child. Final results are run Monday-Friday at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central on the Maury Show. Unlike most games, where there is only one winner, guess who has only one loser...
It's a shame that our last game of Guess Who was sabotaged when that selfish bitch had a miscarriage. We should discuss the stipulations of a rematch over some tasty burritos!
by Queef_Monster March 18, 2009
Online free 'Guess Who' is a manipulitive plot to dictract while invaders from another planet stalk the shit outta u trash.
Freaky music and that fucktarded monicle guy, AND U TELL ME that THIS game is not for nutbags to figure us out.
Think about this before you let your little sibling play this telepathetic game EVER again.
Boy one: I was playing guess who when I started feeling this tingling sensation in my toes and thats, Jaimy, the day I lost my virginity.
Boy 1:so really, that guy... or girl... or alien crap stuff... was real HAWT
Boy 2:my name MERDOK
by Monicle Guy August 08, 2009
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