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Walking as if to conjure out a wedgie, usually high and tight on the toes with cheeks clinched, or gaping lunges, stepping outward as if one were dancing in westside stories, however a wedgie walk is not restricted to one style of walking since there are many forms of undergarments and shapes of people, creating a unique situation for each individual, however a wedgie walk is always strained and unnatural. Sadly, some people's stride are naturally wedgie walks, however the upside is no self-caused wedgies.
I was in the middle of Target when I realized I would have to do a wedgie walk because they were seriously ridin' up on me.
#walk #wedgie #run #cheeks #lunge #underwear #boxers #briefs
by aarooski March 11, 2009
The official day when Christmas shopping begins. Formerly known as Thanksgiving. Shopping on this day becomes a moral gray area - leaving your family's Gray Thursday feast to buy the very same people presents.
Mom: So excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow
Daughter: Me too, do you think you can fix me a to go plate so I can catch all the Gray Thursday sales?
#black friday #thanksgiving #christmas #shopping #thursday #cyber monday
by aarooski November 22, 2011
Pronounced (a-si-si)

1. A play on predominantly Spanish speaker's English pronunciation of "that's easy" used to describe a task that would normally prove to be more difficult.

2. Impossible
1. Waitress: What would you like?
Patron: We will all have the House Special
Waitress: 10 House Specials, Asisi!

2. Take Lebron James in one on one? Asisi!
#easy #impossible #difficult #hard #simple
by aarooski March 11, 2009
1. A way of describing a man or woman only using characters from the Hasbro Game Guess Who? e.g. Bill's lip, Claire's hat, Tom's glasses, Anita's complextion

2. A line of questioning about someone's appearance without any inhibitions of offending. e.g. Does he have a big nose? Does she have tiny lips?
1. I just finished guess whoing you to your blind date so they have a better idea who to look for.

2. I don't know if this blind date is a good idea because he is guess whoing about all your physical features and doesn't care what I have to say about your personality.
#describe #question #answer #guess #reason
by aarooski March 11, 2009
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