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is when something is straight cut throat and just nasty with something
A stright hood niggah that would beat a bitch ass in a gudda heartbeat
by dj4rf November 15, 2011
A rapper of Young Money who is a self-proclaimed goon. He can rap pretty well but a lot of his raps are about similiar themes, kind of like Lil Wayne.
Its Gudda, Gudda
I put her under
I see me with her
No Stevie Wonder
I don't even wonder
Cause she know she bad
And I got her nigga
Grocery bags
by Crayterm13 August 27, 2010
when something is going good, and the need to call it good isn't enough
I was lookin at this fine timepiece, it was looking gudda.
by BD2 February 18, 2009
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