Term used by housewives to describe their gay friend who is their gay version of their husband.

The man who acts as their husbands replacement/stand in for outings and activities that her hubby won't partake in. Ones he may deem "girlie."
"I asked my hubby to go with me today and get pedicures...then hit the fabric store for our new curtains. He told me to call my Gubby..cause there is a Football game on today."
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife September 10, 2009
Top Definition
A very big bottom lip, protracted outwards. Sometimes indicating sadness, but sometimes pride too.

One may gubby their bottom lip before administering ral sex
I told the idiot off and he did a gubby and started crying.

That man has a very engorged gubby indeed!
by Mr Camel April 09, 2013
To gubby is to prematurely ejaculate without any contact being made with the female species. This basically makes you gay if you commit this act.
Dude, I did the gubby everywhere last night. I mean everywhere.
by Jizzinpants1994 November 07, 2010
To be the funniest person in the group. Whenever this person makes a comment or joke, laughter by everyone will be sure to follow.
Everyone in the office wanted to be near the gubby who was doing spot-on impersonations of their boss
by Paco Juan Pablo November 18, 2013
An individual who has lost all of their. It is derived from the sound an individual without teeth makes, when they try to say Gummy.
That guy got his teeth knocked out, now he's a Gubby mo fo
by doggyboy1234 April 04, 2011
The back of a Jello man's thigh, a good place to punch your little brother
I punched my brother, Alex, in the gubby. He then proceeded to cry for weeks.
by Goder McCoy August 01, 2008
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