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Faces made of a single pile of sand. Pebbles, shells, sticks and seaweed are used to define facial features such as nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. Grunkies are meant to be a little grotesque. They are said to keep watch over swimmers and protect them from dangers, such as the undertoad.
Sean: Though we built three grunkies, you should still be careful of the undertoad.
by RedFieldsOfNone October 24, 2011
Groovy+Funky=Grunky, but sounds like something to describe sewage.
"'s grunky."
by Rudiger October 01, 2005
I've always used this word as "gross" + "chunky." I invented this word years ago to describe some nondescript cafeteria food. Looks like others invented a word with a similar definition.
"Honey, I appreciate you making your family's traditional prune and peanut habanero chili con carne yesterday, but the results were rather grunky."
by richpee November 01, 2007
Adj. looking like or dressing as a slovenly or homely older woman

resembling an ugly granny
Damn, nice panties girl. You so grunky!
by jupitergo September 06, 2006
Hillbilly name for a family matron (ie Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother in Law, etc.)
My Grunky beat the smack outta my Daddy for cheatin on Momma.
by DLERH June 02, 2006
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