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1. Noun - A mating call between a man and a woman in public to avoid suspicion of asking for sex.

2. Noun - Very sexy breasts.

3. Verb - Pure, all out sex, often started by primal screams and the ripping off of clothing.
1. Man: "Pssssst....Gruggles?"
Woman: "Gruggles." *
*rushes off to go have sex*

2. "Your gruggles are looking rather delectable today. May I scoop them?"

3. "Wow, I just had hot, fiery gruggles with that hot chick with the big gruggles."
by Mini-Goth and Jo Jo July 27, 2008
A family of ugly, poor, interbred, minging spongers off the council estate.
Fuck off you gruggle!
by Juggsie Malone January 22, 2004
The Gay Struggle
Adam: I hate having to moderate my voice around straight people.
James: The gruggle man.
by mr white September 21, 2014

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