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The clotting of anal hair due to the application of excrement.
Oooooo I don't think I wiped properly I've got gruffnuts hangin out of my posterior
by Dave T October 26, 2003
The small pieces of feces that get stuck in one's buttocks hair.
"I've got some itchy gruff nuts."
by Fat Burger February 21, 2003
The little bits of poo that can gather on hairs around the anus.
i.e. That girl has lots of gruff nuts dangling down.
by Steven Mallaber November 07, 2007
noun; a piece (or pieces) of faeces stuck in the hair around your anus
"mate, i found the biggest gruffnut last nite"
by james-is-sexy January 17, 2006
the pooey mess left behind in the anal hair if an anus is not wiped with enough care is called gruffnut.
Glen recieved lots of gruffnut when he went for a poo and didnt wipe afterwards. This caused a discusting mess to be left in his anal hair over the anal region and his undergarments.
by Chris the gr8 666 January 17, 2006
lumps of dried poo attached to the hairs of your bum. See 'Dangle berry'
God damn she's got some gruffnuts
by adam wallace October 28, 2007
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