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A sexual act containing three meat products, your choosing, two college girls and a blue goat ( while a teal or seafoam goat is acceptable a indego is not.)
Damn, that was one hell of a gruden last night. She loved that steak!
by Brodie Beggs October 16, 2006
When you have such a big package that there's a bulge apparent no matter how you adjust your legs. HD TV is to blame for 25% more grudens on TV. Former NFL coach Jon Gruden gave birth to this definition announcing Monday Night Football.
"That chick was just mean mugging my gruden."

"Check outtt the gruden on that guy."

"Ohh yuk did you see that chick? She has a bigger gruden then me."
by Grith Lightning April 22, 2010
tampa bay buccaneers head coach. somewhat high strung, definatly hot for an older man. sometimes resembles the doll chucky from childs play.
jon gruden is motiviation to be a buccaneers cheerleader.
by nflcheerleader79 January 15, 2006
the coolest coach in the NFL baby!!!! not to mention very hot for being 40
the buccaneers coach
by K February 27, 2004
any small object or living creature.
a small marijuana bud.
a sun flower seed.

"pack the grudens"
by Argon April 05, 2003
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