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The act of taking a dump. Lightly refrenced as crapping, deucing, shiting, taking a shite.
After drinking my ritualistic morning coffee, I feel really skinny when I am done growing a tail.
by mateo r February 11, 2008
1. Having a turtle peaking

2. The point just before the break when taking a dump.
Sorry I missed your call, I couldn't get to the phone because I was in the can growing a tail!
by Loose Goose May 08, 2006
When you have to take a poop.
Carl: Come on, you ready to go hiking or what?

Jeff: Hang on, I think I'm growing a tail. Yup. Give me a minute and we'll go.
by Sled Reynolds January 06, 2012
To be touching cloth, to have one ready in the bomb bay.
Gawd, i must have a shit, i'm beginning to grow a tail
by Gary December 26, 2003
When a girl takes a shit on the floor or in a high chair with a hole cut out so you can watch the tail grow. A wet tail is the best.
My girl ate a whole block of swiss cheese and a piece if bananna bread. Then she said she felt like growing a tail.
by Super Taco August 07, 2006
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