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usually said to someone immature, or who gets on your nerves. Usually means to grow some pubes, or some balls.
1. Grow some you little shit.
by FerretMan November 03, 2004
Shorthand for "grow some balls, you little chicken shit"
On the definition of his name, Gumba challenged his chicken shit enemies and creed-hating imitators to grow some and stop being so scared of tackling him in a real flame war.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
1. as in...grow some balls
2. find some courage
3. don't be scared; go for it.
You're sitting at a stop sign hoping to make a left, and the person in front of you is also attempting to make a left turn. However, this person in front of you is being very timid about reading traffic and making his move and you're increasingly pissed because he's missing oppertunities so you start screaming "Grow Some!"
by DJ Swellous December 14, 2010
Used to describe something both gross AND awesome.
When you mooned those people, it was growsome!
by Chethaz January 23, 2012
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