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an underestimated school with kick ass athletes and down to earth people. Very competitive and hates PICKERINGTON!!
Groveport is a pretty sweet school.
by cruiser4ever September 13, 2008
Small Village by Obetz Ohio and near Columbus Ohio
The schools are carp, fights everyday, we have to have 4secrity guards who are worthless and do completely nothing but hang out with the kids.
Groveport a small stupid hick town filled with wiggers and gangsters.
by Daniel09 June 20, 2008
To totally kickass at a sporting event.
We totally groveported their asses!!!
by John of Locksly July 10, 2008
a sexual act.
groveporting, groveported.

can be ANYTHING from kissing to having sex. you can yell it or go up to someone and ask them if they want to groveport you, or if they will let YOU groevport them.
hey cutie, can i groveport you? it'll just take a second...we can go behind those trees.
i can't believe he just asked me to groveport him!
at homecoming you will see a lot of groveporting.
don't tell anyone but me and **** groveported last night.
did you hear about ******* and ****** groveporting during the football game?
groveport that hoe!
can you teach me how to groveport?
by iRep CW September 25, 2010