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The act of exposing a large portion of your scrotum to an unsuspecting onlooker without exposing a testicle or anything besides the disgusting and hairy skin of your ball sack.
The Ground Beef is way worse than the goat or the hemisphere cause it can take someone a bit of staring before they figure out what is going on.

The Ground Beef could be the grossest thing i have ever seen.

If you get a good enough Ground Beef going, you can flick your wrist back and forth and get a sound like a ball slap. Its awesome.
by Jakenastics February 22, 2009
when a fat fuck falls on the floor.
Said when kim hasbrook falls on the floor when fooling around: "look mom, ground beef"
by TheHaterOfFat May 13, 2004
A bovine (cow, bull, or calf) with no legs
"What do you call a cow with no legs."

"Ground beef."
by AnnoyoedWithMommaJokes October 25, 2004
A really beat vagina after a vigorous workout.
" Man I have been riding this bike for too long, i got ground beef"

"I hit it till she was ground beef"
by mertnak April 04, 2009
what happens when when a girl with braces gives you a blowjob and shreds your dick
your girl gave me a blowjob last night and i woke up with ground beef !
by Jerimiah The Jigaboo April 23, 2015
A girl who has had multiple sex partners causing her vagina to look like ground beef.
That chick has had sex with so many guys she's groundbeef!
by BiggHoss511 October 05, 2011
when a mans slong is so big it touches the ground
Zach's ground beef scares me beyond all reason
by catracho21 September 14, 2011
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