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Evil gray versions of froobles. They are made of evil and love pain and suffering. Smiling, laughing, and saying nice things (eg please thanks) makes them explode into a ball of fire.
The groobles hate and want to kill froobles
by Dohemio Zerg July 10, 2008
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A gray, evil version of a Frooble.
Created in a strange cloning accident, they are completely evil and want to take over the world.
Run, a swarm of Groobles are attacking Froobletopia!
by Dohemo Zork July 10, 2008
Verb- The accidental or seemingly accidental grazing of one's boob. Commonly occurs in crowded places and in hugs.

Verb- to grooble
noun- a grooble
noun (2) a groobler/grooblee (the victim of the groobling)
infinitive- groobling
past tense- groobled
1. "Whoa! He totally just groobled me in that hug"

2. "God its so crowded I keep groobling people!"
by stripeycat April 13, 2011
1. a word thats used to confuse tha otha person in a conversation

2. silence filla
a. Yo man, i was asking this chick out and she turned me down.
b. so?
a. Groobles man, groobles.
b. What the shitballs is a groobles?
a. You don't know? Fuck you nigga
by Branmuffinagh March 09, 2009
when you black out on purpose
i had so much fun groobling yesterday!
by groobler November 06, 2003
stray particles of spittle or snot
My child wiped her nose on my jeans, depositing a grooble I knew I would not have time to remove before my job interview.
by Motty May 10, 2004

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