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Small white, almost bunny like creatures with there right ear slightly bigger than their left. They move by bouncing and are so happy that if they frown or swear, they explode. Watch out, they might joyfully kill you.
The humans studied the specimen, a waist high Frooble.

The Frooble hopped happilly through the streets of Froobletopia.
by Dohemio Zork October 11, 2007
Noun. Slang for a crazy bitch.
Verb. The act of being a crazy bitch.
Noun. Nessa is such a frooble sometimes.

Verb. Duckeh is froobing out.
by Reverend Tst May 12, 2009
The services and equipment necessary to mount an exhibition.
What account shall I charge this to? Oh that'll be Exhibition Frooble.
by Tim Rabbit Jones March 12, 2007
n, v, adj

A word too cool, too all-powerful, and yes, too stupid to be held to one little definition.

Frooble will frooble us all.
You can go frooble yourself.

You are in huge frooble.

My girl and I froobled last night.
by Dan July 30, 2004
i hate her
but in a nicer way

how cool is that word? lol
1 girl: mi hair is beta than urs
2 girl: frooble!
by olirox January 29, 2005
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