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Gronkitis is a chronic illness suffered by athletes. An athlete that has Gronkitis is very injury prone and will probably sit out a lot of games as a result of those injuries. This disease is named for none other than the New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski, who suffers from this condition. Gronkitis is a fusion of Gronkowski and Bronchitis.
Example 1)

Dude 1-Derrick Rose has only been in the league for 5 years and I swear he's made at least 17 comebacks from injuries.

Dude 2-Yeah he too suffers from Gronkitis.
Example 2)
by In.The.AM October 23, 2013
The fictional disease / illness that is contracted when becoming a gronk. Symptoms include: Flaky skin, persistant cough, excessive masturbation, poor clothing choices and movement of hands whilst talking.
What's wrong with you? Have you got gronkitis ?
by Ninja zachy February 13, 2014

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