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The speculated sound made by the triceratops.

Coined and popularized by the webcomic "Laika & Qubit."
When asked if he would like a chimichanga Mr. Triceratops replied, "Gromp."
by Danger Zona April 26, 2011
An adapted version of the glomp, used only on females. To gromp a girl, you glomp her, and feel her up as you do so.
*Mina has entered the room
Dan: Hi, Mina!
*Dan gromps Mina
by Darthemed July 19, 2004
(v) The act of tackle hugging (see Gromp) while groping.
Danny B. gromps Danny A.
by Eden99 December 09, 2003
A combination of a glomp and a grope. An aggresive tackle hug, usually involving sexual touching.
Real world:
A rushes at B, jumping upon B, grabbing randomly at B's butt and sexual organs.
by Pirogoeth July 22, 2003
A general grumbling noise uttered when irritated.
"John, remember we're visiting my mum this weekend!"
by Napole0n December 17, 2007
The act of Tacklehugging monkey lovers and those they love.
/gromp mary. /gromp monkies.
by Megahut April 15, 2005