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An adapted version of the glomp, used only on females. To gromp a girl, you glomp her, and feel her up as you do so.
*Mina has entered the room
Dan: Hi, Mina!
*Dan gromps Mina
by Darthemed July 19, 2004
39 13
(v) The act of tackle hugging (see Gromp) while groping.
Danny B. gromps Danny A.
by Eden99 December 09, 2003
24 14
A combination of a glomp and a grope. An aggresive tackle hug, usually involving sexual touching.
Real world:
A rushes at B, jumping upon B, grabbing randomly at B's butt and sexual organs.
by Pirogoeth July 22, 2003
7 2
A general grumbling noise uttered when irritated.
"John, remember we're visiting my mum this weekend!"
by Napole0n December 17, 2007
1 3
The speculated sound made by the triceratops.

Coined and popularized by the webcomic "Laika & Qubit."
When asked if he would like a chimichanga Mr. Triceratops replied, "Gromp."
by Danger Zona April 26, 2011
0 3
The act of Tacklehugging monkey lovers and those they love.
/gromp mary. /gromp monkies.
by Megahut April 15, 2005
14 18