Enthusiastic snowboarder.

From the claymation movie "Wallace and Gromit - A Grand Day Out" in which Gromit does a little snowboarding on the Moon, which is made of cheese.
Yo yo yo! Grommet! U gonna poach dat pow-Der, or r u gonna piss in it?
by Witchie-coo March 20, 2003
a little kid, a child, a young person, or anyone under the age of 18.
my 4 year old grommet is calling my name.
by Smirk Savage December 07, 2005
Vaginal orifice.
Her grommet was so tight, took me two tubes of K-Y and a shoehorn to get in.
by dandi December 19, 2003
A seriously annoying child or young teenager, usually male.
Tell that fucking grommet to get off my car before I part his hair with a shotgun!
by Chugach April 26, 2003
a butt plug.
Shove that grommet right in there, don't forget the lube!
by scapegoat February 12, 2004
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