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the anus.
My grommet itches. I enjoy the feeling of the cool leather against my grommet.
by Gumaraid February 11, 2011
15 21
A surgical device left in the ear to perforate the eardrum and help prevent earaches
My sister had grommets put in her ears
by skoon March 23, 2007
27 33
A nicer sounding derogatory name for a slut. The name is referenced from a sailors grommet. Known usage since 1990.
Here comes our favorite grommet, I wonder who she'll sleep with tonight.

Also see: gomit, gromet, slut, floozy, promiscuous.
by Christopher Escobedo June 02, 2007
9 26
a sexy little surfer..... NEWBIE!
"look at that grommet go"
by Brooksy February 29, 2004
15 35
Slang for Butt Hole. Anus.
I had fire grommet for 2 days after eating that hot sauce.

That dude's a grommet.

You smell like grommet.
by Zuma June 06, 2007
12 34
A young male surfer, usually a very good one at that
by drl May 22, 2003
8 30
Enthusiastic snowboarder.

From the claymation movie "Wallace and Gromit - A Grand Day Out" in which Gromit does a little snowboarding on the Moon, which is made of cheese.
Yo yo yo! Grommet! U gonna poach dat pow-Der, or r u gonna piss in it?
by Witchie-coo March 20, 2003
2 24