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Verb. To stare silently at someone while they are eating, in the hopes that they will give you some of their food.
Always careful not to establish eye contact with potential groakers, Mark wolfed down the last of his mother's famous apple pie.
by Jabuti37 May 05, 2005
- adjective
1. To be a miserable old person: you are such a groak
2. One who moans a lot about things
3. To go on and on
He/She is such a miserable old groak!
by DesignerEmma January 27, 2014
Noun: Groak, Plural: Groaks

Very grumpy and unreasonable girls, namely Virginia and Sophie.
S: Oh my god!

J: What's wrong?

S: The groaks are back home!
by Nekochan1988 January 21, 2011
The hair that grows on ones clitoris. Or hairy clitoris.
---clit hair---~groaki, a single clitoris hair.
While gently pressing her labia to the sides, she revealed to me her groak.

I was amazed to see this Italian woman with only a groaki.

by Svatch May 05, 2006
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