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The summit of mediocrity in World of Warcraft. Twinks a class that is simple and mildly overpowered in the 40-49 bracket. Keyboard turns. Backpedals. Opens his inventory to use trinkets. AGM lulz. Moonfire spamz omg.
Grizznot is the most technical 1 button masher to ever grace this game. His skill is unmatched, his techniques cutting edge. His talent will never be matched, he is the 49 pvp champion of Vindication.

by uhhlulz March 11, 2008
One who speaks of honor yet posses none. A false prophet whose claims dominance over many, but will fight very few.
Grizznot likes to run his mouth but wont accept all challengers.
by Doorjam - Burning Legion March 11, 2008
The Excellence of Execution, dominator of all 49's in nightfall and vindication.

This is the boy to beat, this is the boy you get the belt from.

''That Grizznot druid backpeddles, and you lost too him! Yeah... Well, he's got the power of Zeus.''
by anonamiz October 18, 2007
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