gritzing- n. - clothed sex

to gritz- v.- to have sex with your clothes on, particularly very gritty abrasive rubbing and grinding sex with one's clothes on. OK, not actually sex, but gritzing instead.

Originated at house parties in the 1990s in Denver, Colorado
They were on the couch gritzing like crazy last night.

Would you like to gritz?

I gritzed myself raw last night...
by MJD June 02, 2004
Top Definition
Originated in the Brooklyn circles of New York City.

Grits; (adjective) - ugly, unattractive, hideous.
BkBaller: Yo i saw natasha today.

Gangstar: Who the one with the crusty lips and snaggle tooth?

BkBaller: Hellyeah, man she is od Gritz.

by Bite the big apple July 13, 2010
like grits, the breakfast cornmeal, but gangsta.

Almost as good as bacon-waffles.
"Jeah nigga. Hook me up wit dem gritz. I'm hungrayah than a muahfucka."
by finest definer January 22, 2009
foood, manely good food but any food really.
Griszle; im hungry got an Gritzz
by The Vagrant hunters November 08, 2010
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