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a)To have been caught by an authority figure.
b) To be forcibly ejected.
c) When one has come off second best in a physical confrontation.
a) I tried to cheat on that exam but the teacher gave me a proper grip up!
b) I was behaving inappropriately in that nightclub and I was gripped up by the bouncers, hence my standing here.
c) I called him an imbecile and took a swing but being much weaker, I got grip up and now need medical attention.
#busted #flogged #caught #misdemeanour #merkd
by Bionic Man August 13, 2008
5 Words related to Grip up
it means to man up,stand yo ground
tell dem niggaz to grip up cuz im ready bang.
by markymarc March 08, 2005
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