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caught by da police doin drugs
b-ez got boped by popo!
by markymarc December 02, 2004
(verb) ie. to "cannette" someone.

1) to stalk and harass, obsessively hang on, or harass someone to the point of avoidance

2) to turn down a reputable job in order to maintain unemployment benefits
* She pulled a cannette and texted her ex-BFF 56 times in 5 minutes.*

*She totally cannetted that direct sales job.
by Markymarc March 08, 2013
it means to man up,stand yo ground
tell dem niggaz to grip up cuz im ready bang.
by markymarc March 08, 2005
this means "fucked last nite"
yo! i was doin da na mean last and it was crazy>
by markymarc December 02, 2004
in brooklyn dats how we call cell phone. ya heard me!!!!!
yo! let me use yo horn!!!
by markymarc December 02, 2004

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