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A person who is particularly insensitive about the pains of others.
"Haha! Sarah just fell off the Titanic!"
by Sarah December 08, 2003
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A tall, lanky loser with no friends
"I just finished kicking Grinspork's ass"
by Colin Smith November 27, 2003
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Some odd tall lanky kid with no life
"Man that guy Grinspork, sits on his computer all day"
by Jon June 08, 2003
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Hugeous Dorkous :: Native inhabitant of New Jersey. They are never docile, and easily provoked. Rather low intelligence creatures with the remarkable ability to believe they are always right along with the false precept that they ARE smart. The creatures prefer noctural cycles and their method of transportation is a piece of feces. The creatures hate anyone they don't enjoy with a passion as they also have a tendancy to blurt out hateful things in public places or if the offender is male, apply a forceful kicking motion with their leg to said person's nutsack. They mate with mentally unstable females and have rather homoerotic tendancies when around other males of any species.
Grinspork shot himself in the nuts with an airsoft gun and let his mother bleach his hair without realizing what she was doing.
by enitnelav December 02, 2003
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